Fiesch - Family ski area at the foot of the large glacier Fiesch (1050 m)

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Located in the Gommertal at 1049 m altitude, Fiesch has the charm of an authentic Valais mountain village. Old, typical chalets form the heart of this family-friendly ski area. With the municipalities of Mörel and Betten, Fiesch is one of the main access points of the Aletsch Arena to the ski area. A cable car connects the town of Fiesch to the Eggishorn via a stopover on the Fiescheralp. The ski area Fiescheralp (formerly Kühboden) is located on the Aletsch plateau, at 2212 m altitude. As a car-free ski area, Fiescheralp can be reached from Gommertal via two gondolas. Fiescheralp is integrated with Bettmeralp and Riederalp in the tourism region Aletsch Arena. The ski area around the Fiescheralp consists of 16 sunny and well-snowed pistes, which are served by the most modern facilities (two pair of 4-seater chairlifts and a 6-seater chairlift). The village of Fiesch is so close to the ski station Fiescheralp and the direct connection to the ski Aletsch Arena, the ideal place to spend both active and relaxed winter holidays.

The main attraction of Fiesch is the Eggishorn (2934 m). The mountain station is also the highest point of the Aletsch Arena accessible by cable car and the only viewing platform from which you can admire the legendary Aletsch Glacier in all its glory. Fiesch is also the starting point of many hiking routes for winter walks on foot or snowshoes. Shortly after the winter area of Fiesch begins the famous Goms cross-country skiing paradise par excellence.

Ski resort Fiesch Detailed information:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Floodlight slope
  • Snowpark
  • Ski school
  • Ski kindergarten
  • Day nursery
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Disco
  • Bar
  • Sport shop
  • Toboggan run
  • Supermarket
  • Bank
  • Cashpoint
  • Wellness

Further information

Gateway to the cross-country paradise

The Fiesch ski area is very close to the Goms route, a huge cross-country skiing network that stretches in the Gommertal. Between Oberwald and Niederwald, on a total length of 100 kilometers, these routes, which are prepared for both classical and skating techniques, connect twelve villages to the canton of Valais. The Goms route is a true cross-country Eldorado and offers various routes for every level. A well-equipped Nordic ski center offers cross-country skiers everything they need. In addition to equipment and information material, there are also showers, toilets, changing rooms, a wax room and snacks and drinks. More than 40 kilometers of these routes are reserved for beginners and lead along the Rhône, through the Pischäwald and beautiful sunny landscapes. Advanced cross-country skiers have a course of 27 kilometers over relatively hilly terrain with some difficult climbs.

Cross-country skiing professionals can enjoy a competition course homologated by the International Ski Federation (ISF). This 5 km long, exciting route has several difficult climbs, steep downhill runs, tight turns and direction changes. It is a piste that requires experience, excellent physical condition and advanced technical skills. There are also two challenging pistes reserved for advanced cross country skiers and professional athletes in preparation for races. A total of 8 kilometers of routes divided into 3 and 5 km sections are available. If you would like to go cross-country skiing after sunset, there is a 4 km long route between Obergesteln and Ulrichen. Every evening between 5.30 pm and 9.30 pm, this route is illuminated and suitable for cross-country skiers of all levels. On the trail Goms, on a light, 4 km long route, you can also go cross-country with your dog.

Families in the foreground

Fiesch is one of the 27 Swiss holiday areas that carry the quality label "Families Welcome". Locally in Fiesch as well as in the entire Aletsch Arena families and especially children will find infrastructures and special offers tailored to their needs. In addition to 40 km of beginner pistes, there are also numerous ski schools, where children and other beginners are guided by experienced and enthusiastic ski instructors. There are also practice areas and play areas available in the various snow groomers of the ski area, which are equipped with special children's lifts (conveyor belts). Also for the very little ones (from 2 years) there are childcare services.

The instructors of the ski school of Fiesch offer every afternoon on the Fiescheralp beginner courses for children from 4 years. In the Snow Garden, also located on the Fiescheralp Snow Garden, numerous attractions and games are offered: snow carousel, heated lounge with play area, ski race with official award ceremony. In addition, there are special children's lifts in the Snowli Park: conveyor belt / magic carpet, Pinocchio-drag lift, beginner's tow lift. From the mountain restaurant nearby, you can calmly overlook the practice area and watch the progress of the future ski champions.

Discover the "Ghosky" on a sensational sledge piste

The ski area Fiesch is also the starting point for enjoyable sleigh rides with the whole family. Located between Fiescheralp and the village of Lax, only 3 km from Fiesch, there is an extraordinary toboggan run of 13 km in length. The route begins at an altitude of 2222 meters in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by numerous four-thousand-meter peaks. The well-groomed and marked piste leads first over a steep but not difficult piste, then through the forest and down to the village of Lax, at 1039 m altitude. A fascinating downhill run on a light and wide piste with 1183 m elevation gain that promises fun for the whole family.

You want more driving pleasure and goosebumps on this sensational piste? Then swap the classic sled once against a Ghosky sled, which you can borrow locally. In contrast to the classic sled, the Ghosky is not steered by the legs or a string, but by left and right movements of the driver. Lean to the right or left and the Ghosky moves in the direction you shift your weight, just like a carving downhill. For fans of nightly winter sports, there is a sleigh ride weekly (Tuesday evening) followed by a fondue tasting. Snowboard enthusiasts can enjoy fun at Konkordia and Eggishorn Funparks. There you will find specially created pistes with humps, rails and jumps.

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